A summary of the #YFarm 1st African Yout

A summary of the #YFarm 1st African Youth Agric Festival held in Nassarawa State on August 12th. It took 28 hours of travelling to put this together. View, like, share http://ow.ly/AtldL


#TipoftheDay: The most awesome adventure

#TipoftheDay: The most awesome adventure you can ever undertake is going within and find out who you really are – Naraya Naseriya http://ow.ly/i/6oihX
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Managing Your Personal Finances as an Af

Managing Your Personal Finances as an African
A wealthy person will get a more courteous reception than a poor man. Money enhances confidence. Money makes us worry less, and increases our life span. When there is no money, we easily get destabilized. Money stabilizes us. Although money doesn’t guarantee happiness, we can’t be truly happy without money. Money makes life easier. Money is not negative, it is not evil. It does not corrupt man; it reveals the true nature of man.
However, we must watch ourselves else we may become ensnared in our bid to get more, the same snare with African leaders…
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