Prepare to attend the World Urban Forum 7 from 5-11 April 2014 in Medellin, Columbia

The World Urban Forum is an international
conference organized by the UN-HABITAT
to discuss issues related to sustainable
urban development. Its Seventh Session
(WUF7) will be held from 5-11 April 2014
in Medellin, Columbia and its theme for
this year is “Urban Equity in Development
– Cities for Life.” Registration for WUF7 is
free of charge.
All WUF7 participants must be registered
individually to get their accreditation and
to have access to the WUF7 venue.
Registration must be done in advance
through the WUF7 website. Online
registration opened on 17 July 2013 and
will close on 16 March 2014.
An array of roundtable meetings will be
held by peer groups for each of the main
constituencies of Habitat Agenda
Partners. Most of these meetings are
open to the public, but access to some,
such as the ministerial sessions, mayors
and parliamentarians are restricted. The
details of the roundtables will be
announced in the coming weeks.
WUF7 is inviting applications for the
following activities. Click on each of them
to know more:
Networking Events
Side Events
Event type:
Other information
Event start:
5 Apr 2014 – 11 Apr 2014
Event location:
Medellin, Columbial.
For more information go here


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