World Innovation Summit for
Education Award for its outstanding
quality and exceptional impact on
Education through innovation . The
free online education provider was
selected as one of this year ’ s
winners following a thorough review
process by international education
Every year , the WISE Awards
recognise organisations from around
the globe which represent some of
the best and most creative work
being done in education, these
include non -governmental
organizations , charity groups ,
cultural institutions and the private
ALISON , which stands for ‘ Advance
Learning Interactive Systems
Online’ , pioneers a unique education
and training model that allows all
learning, assessment , testing, and
verification service to be accessed
by anyone , anywhere for free.
150 ,000 new users are signing up
with ALISON every month
illustrating the high demand from
learners across the globe for
workplace skills courses. The
popularity of the learning model
amongst ALISON ’ s two million
registered learners is evident from
the thousands of testimonials the
company receives on a monthly
basis. ALISON provides over 35,000
topics of learning for free study and
over 500 courses ranging from touch
tying to English grammar to
Diplomas in Business and Finance .
Welcoming the announcement,
ALISON CEO Mike Feerick said:
“ Winning this prestigious award is a
terrific achievement for all involved
with ALISON . There is a lot of hype
about free learning worldwide but
clearly the sustained strength,
growth and popularity of ALISON is
what is earning us the recognition as
one of the true leaders for the
future of global education. We are
very grateful to our millions of
learners worldwide who have made
this possible ” .
ALISON accreditation uses a non –
traditional model of ‘ flash- test”
where anyone who holds an ALISON
certificate can be tested on what
they learned at any time . Learning
achievement is validated using a
Certificate, Diploma and Test
structure with courses published
under restricted licence as well as
under Creative Commons . Courses
are provided by global brand name
corporations such as Microsoft and
the British Council , as well as
recognised subject -matter- experts
on a wide variety of subjects , from
technical to business to English
language courses.
The company will receive its prize at
the 2013 WISE Summit in Doha at
the end of October .


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